Pdp-11 Digital


  • Pdp-11 Digital Equipment Computer
    • Tipo: mini-computer
    • Anno di produzione: 1970/1990

Qui sono ritratto alla destra, in fianco al leggendario Pdp-11. Questa versione era un clone effettuato dall'Olivetti.

A sinistra potete scorgere sulla scrivania il mitico Sinclair QL.


E' stato uno dei pił famosi mini-computer della storia. Il n° 1 nell'ambito degli affari. Una leggenda per tutti gli specialisti di computer nel mondo.

After the success of the PDP-8, leading hardware engineer Edson DeCastro designed a 16-bit machine under the codename "PDP-X", which was rejected in favor of another machine, to be known as the PDP-11. DeCastro parted with DEC, and formed Data General. Some say that the misterious PDP-X became the new company's successfull Nova series, other say that the -X was much more complicated than both the Nova and the -11.

The birth of the PDP-11, as remembered by Larry McGowan.

    Anyway, the -11 was one the (if not the) most successful computers of all times. It began its career as a minicomputer, and ended up as a micro or supermicro/supermini. It was manufactured from 1970 to 1990. Members of the -11 line were sold in very high numbers, thanks to the growing OEM industry. The VAX line of DEC began its life as an enhancement to the -11 architecture, the first VAXen are sometimes mentioned as PDP11-7xx, in contrast to the official label VAX-11/7xx..